Vita Coco Drinks Range - Filtered Coconut Water

Vito Coco Product Information:
  • Coconut flavoured drinks range.
  • The product was launched in 2004 & is produced in New York.
  • It is imported to the UK by Marigold Health Foods in London.
  • Vita Coco is claimed to be pure filtered coconut water.
  • Claims to contain more potassium than 2 bananas in one of it's standard 330ml cartons.
  • The taste is distinctly coconut & refreshing.
  • Found mostly at health food stores.
  • No straw with the package.
  • Cost (UK) - £1.29 for a 330ml carton.
  • 66 calories per carton (20 calories per 100ml).
  • website
Vita Coco Drinks Range:
  • 100% Pure Cocunut Water
  • Cocunut Water With Acai & Pomegranate
  • Cocunut Water With Peach & Mango
  • Cocunut Water With Pineapple

Posted by ALCHEssMIST.
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Anonymous said...

LOVE VITA COCO. Tastes great and so good for you too! I drink mine at the gym and in smoothies.

Emma said...

This drink it the best! It tastes so good and is 100% natural. I have tried all the other coconut waters and none even come close. Drink Vita Coco!

Anonymous said...

Vita Coco is the greatest! I drink it after working out and it rehydrates me and gives me more energy. Try the pineapple it's my favorite!

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