Clickthrough Hijacking - A Pernicious Internet Practice

Clickthrough Hijacking:
  • The term 'Clickthrough Hijacking', invented by Alchemipedia & ALCHEssMIST, refers to obtaining search result clickthroughs derived from copying portions of a legitimate webpage or blog.
  • Typically this involves linking sitemap feeds, from good websites or blogs, to pages whose main function is to attract search result impressions.
  • The result is that a portion of search traffic is being diverted to inappropriate pages & sites that are simply made to increase page views & advertising clicks.
  • This seems to be a technique used by some unscrupulous SEO services.
  • A less pernicious version of clickthrough hijacking occurs when a site produces some legitimate content but then adds a list of blog posts related to the content of the page which serve to attract extra search engine impressions.
  • Simply put, 'Clickthrough hijacking' is stealing and should be penalised.
  • Google, and other search engines, should develop ways to protect legitimate websites & blogs from this destructive process.
ALCHEssMIST & Alchemipedia will be introducing mechanisms to try & reduce the success of 'Clickthrough Hijacking'.

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