Richard Knight (Clairvoyant)

Richard Knight Facts:
  • Richard Knight has an established reputation as a clairvoyant.
  • He has been described as one of the UK's most respected Intuitive Consultants & Sensitives & one of the country's leading Tarot Readers.
  • It is claimed that over 2500 people are helped every year through his readings.
  • Also, many further 1000s are claimed to be helped through his seminars & demonstrations.
Richard Knight Publications:
  • Tarot made Easy.
  • Tarot - The Journey Within.
Event Prediction Claims:
"At the end of 2007, and before 50 witnesses, he predicted the sinking of the cruise liner "Explorer" describing the event in remarkable detail. His prediction was made 12 days before the occurrence."
Richard Knight's Media Appearances include:
BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Sheffield, BBC Radio 5, Clive Anderson Talks Back, Dial Midnight, GMTV, Good Morning with Anne and Nick, Kilroy, London Tonight, LWT News, Strange but True?, Tomorrows World, Tonight with Jonathan Ross.

This page is for information only, and does not imply that the author is supporting any of the claims within.

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