Private Art Collections

Private Art Collection Facts:
  • Private art collections are constituted for the personal enjoyment of a collector.
  • This compares with a museum, where the collection is presented to the public.
  • Many of the world's great museums start out as private collections or have been enhanced by bequests from private collections.
  • More than 90% of art collections (in American art museums) held in public trust were donated from private collections.
  • Private collectors mostly outcompete the museums in the current art marketplace.
Examples Of Museums With Significant Private Sources:
  • Louvre (Paris) - confiscated works after the French Revolution.
  • National Gallery (London) - gifts from banker John Julius Angerstein.
  • Museum of Europe - still awaiting a permanent home.
  • Brooklyn Museum - a "collection of collections".
  • Cleveland Museum - private collections donations; includes Rodin's "Thinker"
  • J. Paul Getty Museum - purchases from a generous endowment by J. Paul Getty.

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