Nathan Myhrvold (Intellectual Ventures Co-founder) b. 1959

Nathan Myhrvold Demographics:
  • Born - 1959 (Seattle, Washington)
  • Occupation - Intellectual Ventures Co-founder.
Nathan Myhrvold Education & Academic Life:
  • Attended Mirman School.
  • Started college at the age of 14 years.
  • At UCLA he studied mathematics, geophysics, & space physics (BSc, Masters).
  • Following this he went to Princeton University where he earned a master's degree in mathematical economics & then completed a PhD in theoretical and mathematical physics (all by the age of 23 years).
  • He was awarded a Hertz Foundation Fellowship for graduate study in 1984.
  • He also held a postdoctoral fellowship at Cambridge University, under Stephen Hawking, studying cosmology topics including quantum field theory in curved space time & quantum theories of gravitation.
  • He left cambridge after 1 year to co-found the computer company Dynamical Systems Research Inc., which was sold to Microsoft in 1986.
Nathan Myhrvold Other Facts:
  • He is a prize-winning nature & wildlife photographer.
  • Myhrvold was involved with the Museum of the Rockies, undertaking paleontological research expeditions (finding several Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons).
  • Other skills include being world barbecue champion & a master French chef.
  • Myhrvold has contributed $1 million to the SETI Foundation to develop the Allen Telescope Array.
  • He has commissioned the construction of a complete Difference Engine #2 for himself.
  • He was formerly Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft.
  • He & Peter Rinearson helped Bill Gates to write the best-selling book 'The Road Ahead'.
Nathan Myhrvold & Intellectual Ventures:
  • Co-founder of Intellectual Ventures which is building a large invention portfolio, particularly regarding patents in software.
  • This secretive investment firm is worth around $5 billion.
  • Nathan Myhrvold also personally holds more than 18 U.S. patents.
  • He has also applied for ~ another 100 patents.
  • His organisation has around 30,000 patents (at February 2010), & has around 650 employees.
  • Myhrvold describes the patent world as a "vastly underdeveloped market".
Quotes About Nathan Myhrvold:
"He is gregarious, enthusiastic, and nerdy on an epic scale." [Malcolm Gladwell]

Image of Nathan Myhrvold by jdlasica (cc)

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