February 6 - General (Calendar Date)

February 6th - Basic Facts:
  • February 6 is the 37th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.
  • There are 328 days remaining until the end of the year (329 in leap years).
  • The preceding day is February 5
  • Next day is February 7.
February 6th Births (Here)

February 6th Deaths (Here)

February 6 Events:

1685 – James II of England (& VII of Scotland) becomes King following the death of his brother Charles II.
1778 – In Paris the Treaty of Alliance & the Treaty of Amity & Commerce are signed by the United States & France signaling official recognition of the new republic (American Revolutionary War).
1788 – Massachusetts becomes the 6th state to ratify the United States Constitution.
1815 – New Jersey grants the 1st American railroad charter to John Stevens.
1817 – San Martín (Argentinian man) crosses the Andes with an army in order to liberate Chile from Spanish rule.
1819 – Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles founds Singapore.
1820 – The first 86 African American immigrants sponsored by the American Colonization Society started a settlement in present-day Liberia.
1840 – Treaty of Waitangi signing - establishing New Zealand as a British colony.
1843 – The first minstrel show in the United States - The Virginia Minstrels, opens (Bowery Amphitheatre in New York City).
1862 – Battle of Fort Henry - Ulysses S. Grant gives the United States its first victory of the war, by capturing Fort Henry, Tennessee (American Civil War).
1899 – Spanish-American War - The Treaty of Paris, a peace treaty between the United States & Spain, is ratified by the United States Senate.
1900 – The international arbitration court at The Hague is created when the Netherlands' Senate ratifies an 1899 peace conference decree.
1922 – Washington Naval Treaty - signed in Washington, D.C., limiting the naval armaments of United States, Britain, Japan, France, & Italy.
1933 – The 20th Amendment to the United States Constitution, establishing the beginning & ending of the terms of the elected federal offices, goes into effect.
1934 – Political crisis in France - as far right leagues rally in front of the Palais Bourbon in an attempted coup against the French Third Republic.
1952 – Elizabeth II becomes Queen upon the death of her father George VI.
1958 – 8 Manchester United F.C. players are killed in the Munich air disaster.
1959 – Jack Kilby (of Texas Instruments) files the 1st patent for an integrated circuit.
1959 – First successful test firing of a Titan intercontinental ballistic missile is accomplished at Cape Canaveral, Florida.
1987 – Justice Mary Gaudron is appointed to the High Court of Australia - the first woman to be appointed to this post.
1989 – Roundtable talks start in Poland - marking the beginning of overthrow of communism in Eastern Europe.
1998 – Washington National Airport is renamed Ronald Reagan National Airport.
1998 – The prefect Claude Erignac is assassinated in Ajaccio, Corsica - presumably by Yvan Colonna.

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