February 10 - General (Calendar Date)

February 10th - Basic Facts:
  • February 10 is the 41st day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.
  • There are 324 days remaining until the end of the year (325 in leap years).
  • The preceding day is February 9
  • Next day is February 11.
February 10th Births (Here)

February 10th Deaths (Here)

February 10 Events:

1258 – Baghdad falls to the Mongols, & the Abbasid Caliphate is destroyed.
1306 – Robert the Bruce murders John Comyn, before the high altar of Greyfriars Church in Dumfries, initiating revolution in the Scottish Wars of Independence
1355 – The St. Scholastica's Day riot breaks out in Oxford, England, leaving 63 scholars & perhaps 30 locals dead in two days.
1567 – An explosion destroys the Kirk o' Field house in Edinburgh, Scotland. Mary Queen of Scots husband, Lord Darnley is found strangled, in what many believe to be an assassination.
1763 – French & Indian War - The 1763 Treaty of Paris ends the war & France cedes Quebec to Great Britain.
1798 – Louis Alexandre Berthier invades Rome, proclaims a Roman Republic on February 15 & then on February 20 takes Pope Pius VI prisoner.
1814 – Napoleonic Wars - Battle of Champaubert
1840 – Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom marries Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.
1846 – Battle of Sobraon, First Anglo-Sikh War - British defeat Sikhs in final battle of the war.
1870 – The YWCA is founded (New York City).
1904 – The Russo-Japanese War over Korea & Manchuria begins after the Battle of Port Arthur.
1906 – HMS Dreadnought (1906) is launched.
1920 – Jozef Haller de Hallenburg performs symbolic wedding of Poland to the sea, celebrating restitution of Polish access to open sea.
1923 – Texas Tech University is founded as Texas Technological College in Lubbock, Texas.
1931 – New Delhi becomes the capital of India.
1933 – The New York City-based Postal Telegraph Company introduces the first singing telegram.
1933 – In round 13 of a boxing match at New York City's Madison Square Garden, Primo Carnera knocks out Ernie Schaaf, killing him.
1947 – Italy cedes most of Venezia Giulia to Yugoslavia.
1954 – President Dwight Eisenhower warns against United States intervention in Vietnam.
1962 – Captured American spy pilot Gary Powers is exchanged for captured Soviet spy Rudolf Abel.
1964 – Melbourne-Voyager collision off the south coast of New South Wales, Australia - Aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne (R21) collides with the destroyer HMAS Voyager (D04).
1967 – The 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified.
1970 – Sylvester Stallone's 1st film Italian Stallion is released.
1981 – A fire at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel-casino kills eight & injures 198.
1989 – Ron Brown is elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee becoming the first African American to lead a major American political party.
1996 – The IBM supercomputer Deep Blue defeats Garry Kasparov for the first time.
1998 – Voters in Maine repeal a gay rights law passed in 1997 becoming the first U.S. state to abandon that law.
2003 – France & Belgium break the NATO procedure of silent approval concerning the timing of protective measures for Turkey in case of a possible war with Iraq.
2008 – The 2008 Namdaemun fire severely damages Namdaemun, the first National Treasure of South Korea.

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