Raymond Babbitt (Savant Character In Film Rain Man) 1988

Raymond Babbitt Facts:
  • Is the fictional character in the 1988 film, Rain Man, played by actor Dustin Hoffman.
  • The inspiration for the Raymond Babbitt character was Kim Peek (1951-2009).
  • Barry Morrow, the script writer for the Rain Man film, first met Kim Peek in 1984 at Arlington, Texas.
Raymond Babbitt & Rain Man (Film):
  • Raymond's early life was difficult as he was wrongly diagnosed with autism - the doctor was late for a golf game & so made a hurried diagnosis.
  • Raymond is portrayed as in his early forties, with vague anxious features.
  • Raymond pursues order wherever he is.
  • His bedtime is at 11 pm sharp & he insists on having his bed by the window.
  • Raymond also withdraws into his "Who on First" routine (a vaudeville comedy routine made most famous by Abbott & Costello) when someone invades his personal space, or when he is put in a new environment.
  • Raymond's obsessive peeves include:
    • Pancakes being placed on the table before the maple syrup.
    • Dinner later than 4:00 pm.
    • Not having his tablets.
Raymond & Brother Charles Babbitt in Rain Man (Film):
  • Raymond is the older autistic-savant brother of character Charlie Babbitt.
  • Charlie Babbitt learns he has an autistic older brother, Raymond Babbitt.
  • Raymond has been in the Walbrook psychiatric institution for 20 years.
  • It was Raymond who sang to Charlie, but when Raymond accidentally burnt the infant Charlie with hot bath water, their father sent Raymond away to Walbrook.
  • When he was younger, Charlie couldn't pronounce Raymond, & called him Rain Man instead.
  • Raymond receives a 3 million USD inheritance when their father (Sanford Babbitt) dies.
  • Charles Babbitt, in an attempt to claim the inheritance, liberates Raymond from the psychiatric institution & takes him 'on the road'.
Quote about Raymond Babbitt:
"Raymond has a problem communicating and learning. He can't even express himself or probably even understand his own emotions in a traditional way. There are dangers everywhere for Raymond. Routines, rituals are all he has to protect himself. [...] Well, it's the way he acts, sleeps, eats, uses the bathroom, walks, talks, everything. Any break from that routine is terrifying. [...] He doesn't understand the concept of money." ~ Dr Bruner, Walbrook Psychiatrist [Rain Man]

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