Medieval Postern Gate by the Tower of London

Medieval Postern Gate by the Tower of London:
  • Still in situ at the Tower of London.
  • Excavations of the structure were made at Tower Hill in 1979.
  • The image opposite shows the excavations enclosed by the path from Tower Hill underground station.
  • Found at the junction of the City's defensive wall & moat of the Tower of London.
  • Believed to have been constructed between 1297 & 1308.
  • It was also a minor gateway for pedestrians.
  • Part of the structure collapsed in a 15th century (1431 or 1440) landslip.
  • The southern part of the structure slipped at least 3 metres down the side of the moat.
  • The northern part of the gate is thought to have remained standing.
  • An underpinned southern tower was then used to provide the foundation for a rebuilt postern gate.
  • The gateway did survive however until the 17th century.
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References: (see image):
D. Whipp (2006). The Medieval Postern Gate by the Tower of London. Museum of London Archaeology Service (MoLAS Monograph). (Paperback)

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