Jinky Young (b. 2001) - Paternal DNA Testing Proves Fischer Is Not The Biological Father

Jinky Young Demographics:
Jinky Young & Paternity DNA Tests:
  • Bobby Fischer's body was exhumed for DNA testing.
  • The tests show that Bobby Fischer is not the biological father of Jinky Young.[8]

Jinky Young Facts:

  • Common law daughter, claimed love-child & until recently the potential main heir to Bobby Fischer's fortune.
  • Jinky's claim has been filed with Icelandic courts & is awaiting judgement.
  • The recently reported paternity DNA test results indicate that Bobby Fischer is not Jinky's biological father, so the claim above is likely to be dismissed.
  • The lawyer for Jinky & her mother is Samuel Estimo.
  • Under Icelandic law, the lawful wife gets one-third of the estate of a deceased person while the lawful child inherits the remaining two-thirds. [1,2]
  • Jinky Young was born at the Saint Louis University Sacred Heart Hospital in Baguio City. [6]
  • The last time Jinky & her mother saw Fischer was in September 2005, in Reykjavik, when they had a 3-week visit. [3,4]
  • On December 1 (2009), Jinky Young attended her father's grave in a small cemetery at the Laugardaelir church in Selfoss town, southwest Iceland. [5,7]
  • Samuel Estimo & a lady Icelandic lawyer accompanied Jinky on December 2 to a Reykjavik hospital where blood samples were taken for DNA paternity testing. [3,4,7]
  • Travelled to London in December 2009 for a shoot of a BBC-HBO documentary on the life of Bobby Fischer. [7]
"I had seen with my two eyes how Bobby lovingly took care of her daughter Jinky during her infant days in Baguio," [GM Eugene Torre] [1,2]

"Bobby will turn in his grave if the inheritance of his daughter Jinky will not be awarded by the Icelandic court," [GM Eugene Torre] [1,2]

"It's well that Miyoko has been declared as the lawful wife of Bobby. But I am still seeking justice for Jinky, my daughter with Bobby, who was born in Baguio City, Philippines in May, 2001." [Marilyn Young through lawyer Samuel Estimo] [7]

“There was not a day that Bobby didn’t call us, sometimes three to four times, except when I was in school. He would always ask for Jinky, who would say, ‘I love you, Daddy.’” [Marilyn Young] [3,4,7]


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Image Credit - Jinky & Marilyn Young at Bobby Fischer's Grave 2009 -

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