Henry of Herford (Herworden or Hervordia) Dominican Friar & Chronicler d. 1370

Henry of Herford Demographics:
  • Name - Henry of Herford (or Herworden or Hervordia)
  • Birth - Date unknown.
  • Location - Native of Herworden, Westphalia.
  • Death - 9 October, 1370 (Minden)
  • Occupation - Dominican friar & chronicler.
  • Residence - Convent of St. Paul at Minden.
Henry of Herford Facts:
  • Native of Herworden, Westphalia, Germany.
  • Professed at the Dominican friary at Minden.
  • In Minden he wrote the chronicle Liber de rebus memorabilioribus (Book of Memorable Things).
  • Henry also composed the Catena aurea in decem partes distincta, a summary of theology.
  • He also completed a treatise, De Conceptione Virginis gloriosae.
  • 7 years after his death the emperor arranged for his remains to be solemnly transferred to a place of honour near the high altar.
Liber de rebus memorabilioribus (Book of Memorable Things):
  • Henry summarizes the work of older historians from Eusebius down to the writers of his own age.
  • Chronicles down to the coronation of the Emperor Charles IV in 1355.
  • A chief sources of historical information in 14th-century literature.
  • In his reporting of the Black Death (bubonic plague) Henry saw a prior epizootic of mostly large animals, the first to catch the disease being dogs, wolves, oxen & birds.
  • Regarding flagellants during the Black Death, Henry of Hervordia reported that each whip had 3 knotted thongs, each knot containing 2 sharp pieces of metal arranged in the form of a cross.
  • Henry also wrote, "Using these whips ... they beat … their bare skin until … blood rained down spattering the walls nearby."
  • Book printed under the editorship of August Potthast in Göttingen in 1859.

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