Codicology (Study of Books)

Codicology Facts:
  • Codicology is the study of books as physical objects.
  • Particularly refers to manuscipts written on parchment (paper) in codex (modern book) form.
  • Has been described as 'the archeology of the book'.
  • Included in the discipline is the examination of materials & techniques used in making books.
  • Relates also to the study of manuscripts, as artifacts, in their cultural context.
  • Some definitions include paleography (study of handwriting) within the field of codicology.
Codicology History:
  • Codicology - from Latin cōdex & Greek -λογία, -logia.
  • The term codicology is of recent origin.
  • There is some argument as to whether the inventor was the classical philologist Alphonse Dain or the historian Charles Samaran.
  • Likely that Charles Samaran invented codicography, based on the term paleography, with Alphonse Dain then deriving codicology from this.

Image - Istanbul Book Illustration by docman (cc)

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