The Toucan (Poem by Shel Silverstein)

The Toucan

Tell me who can
Catch a toucan?
Lou can.

Just how few can
Ride the toucan?
Two can.

What kind of goo can
Stick you to the toucan?
Glue can.

Who can write some
More about the toucan?
You can!

by Shel Silverstein

Coco Toucan [by Lane, cc]

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Stacey Solomon (Singer, The X Factor, UK, 2009)

Stacey Solomon Demographics:
Stacey Solomon Facts:
  • Single mum.
  • Young son Zak.
  • Well known as a chatterbox.
  • Given 'Guitar Hero' as recent 20th Birthday present.
  • Previously working behind a bar & in full-time college 'musical theatre studies'.
Stacey Solomon X Factor Facts:
  • Currently appearing on X Factor, UK (2009).
  • Mentor for Live Shows was Dannii Minogue.
  • Notable quote - "I've got nothing to say about romance. Olly (Murs) looks like my stepbrother and Lloyd (Daniels) is beautiful, but really, really young."
  • Stacey shed 2 stone in weight prior to the X Factor Auditions.
  • Simon Cowell quote (auditions) - ‘Stacey, I am rarely surprised but that took me by surprise. You are really good.’
  • Cheryl Cole quote (auditions) - ‘I had a preconceived idea of what you might sound like. I didn’t expect you to be that good.’
  • Stacey made it to the - Final of The X Factor UK, 2009.
  • In the final Stacey performed a duet with Michael Buble.
  • Following the voting - Stacey has come third in The X Factor UK 2009 - Video performance links below.
  • The X Factor UK 2009 was won by Joe McElderry.
  • On her job in a fish and chip shop: - 'At least I got to eat all the saveloys.'
  • Asked how one of her auditions went: - 'People keep asking me that, but I don't think most of the time to be honest.'
  • When asked what she'd do if she didn't get through to the live finals: - 'There's always Asda!'
  • On being on TV: - 'I think TV is real - I forget other people are watching it at the same time as me.'
  • On her new makeover: - 'I was just happy cos I got a free haircut.'

Video Performances:

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