An Ode To Tony Blair (Satirical Poem About Prime Minister Gordon Brown)

Background Facts:
  • In March 2008, Prime Minister Gordon Brown was the subject of a satirical poem (An Ode To Tony Blair).
  • Allegedly penned by a disloyal senior minister.
  • The poem appears to be based on a verse by the American poet Hughes Mearns.
  • Austin Mitchell (Labour MP for Great Grimsby) commented, "It's very funny but I have no idea where it comes from," and, "It's the work of a child genius, which rules out most of the cabinet."[1]
  • Well Gordon Brown has clearly remained at No 10 Downing Street since this Ode.
  • Prime Minister Brown has also given clear international leadership regarding both the recent World Financial Crisis and also the Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen (December 2009).

An Ode To Tony Blair:
"At Downing Street upon the stair
I met a man who wasn’t Blair.
He wasn’t Blair again today;
Oh how I wish he’d go away."
Extended Version of The Ode (By Eric, Comments Section of Telegraph):[2]
"At Downing Street Upon the stair I met man who wasn't Blair He wasn't Blair again today Oh how I wish he'd go away. He turned, his smile abruptly froze "Are you the one who is doing prose?" "Are you the one who mentions Blair" "Who says you wish I was not not here" "These are treacherous things to say" Oh how I wish he'd go away. So on the Stair he dressed me down He screamed and ranted like a clown. "Words are a pathetic art" "All Poets will have identity cards" "I will tax you double from today" Oh how I wish he'd go away He cracked and did his Guppyfish that little jaw-drop makes me sick with nervous bitten fingernails he pointed "I am here to stay" Oh how I wish he'd go away. At Downing Street Upon the Stair I met a man who does not care He didn't care again today Oh how WE wish he'd go away he is an electoral liability anyday."


[1] - At Downing Street upon the stair, ... Guardian Newspaper (21 March 2008)
[2] - Is Gordon Brown an electoral liability? Telegraph Newspaper (28 April 2008)

Image Credit by World Economic Forum (flickr) (cc)

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