Inetta de Balsham Survivor Of Judicial Hanging (1264)

Details of the Case:
  • Inetta de Balsham was sentenced to death for harbouring thieves.
  • She was hung on the gallows at 9 am on Monday 16th August, 1264.
  • Inetta continued to dangle on the hangman's noose till the sunrise of the following Thursday.
  • She was found to be still alive after this ordeal, nearly 3 full days later.
  • It is alleged that her windpipe was ossified and deformed, so it failed to compress with the noose.
  • Granted a royal pardon by King Henry III.
Royal Pardon by King Henry III:
" Quia Inetta de Balsham, pro receptamento latronum ei imposito nuper, per considerationem curie nostra suspendio adjudicata, et ab hora nona diei lune usque post ortum solis diei Martis sequentis suspensa, viva evasit sicut ex testimoniis fide dignorum accepimus, etc." [from Dr Plott's History of Staffordshire]

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