Historic London City Gates (Total 7)

City Gates of London Facts:
  • London's first defensive wall was built by the Romans ~ 200 AD.
  • This was ~ 150 years after Londinium was first founded.
  • There were 7 main entrances through this defensive wall.
  • 7 city gates in total.
  • 5 of the gates were built by the Romans.
  • All regularly rebuilt & renovated over the centuries.
  • Following the restoration of the Monarchy in 1660 all of the City gates were unhinged & their portcullises were wedged open, ending their effectiveness for defence.
  • They were retained as a visble sign of the prestige of the city of London.
  • Eventually they were demolished in the 1760s because of traffic congestion.
London City Gate Structure & Function:
  • Weren't gates in the modern sense of the word.
  • They were multi-story buildings that had one or two archways through the middle for traffic.
  • The archways were protected by gates & portcullises.
  • They were also often used as prisons.
  • Other functions included the display of dead bodies, or parts of dead bodies, to passers-by.
  • Beheaded traitors, were known at one time to often have their head stuck on a spike on London Bridge, their body was quartered & spread among the London city gates.
London City Gates Listed:

Image from Dick Schmitt (cc)

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