Dunce (Dictionary)

Dunce Definition:
  • A stupid person who is unable to learn what is being taught.
Dunce Synonyms:
  • Noun: - blockhead, booby, dolt, duffer, dullard, dunderhead, fool, numskull.
  • Plural: - dunces
Dunce Sentence:
  • Mary may have been a dunce at mathematics and art, but she was gifted at languages.
Dunce History:
  • Term derived via duns to dunse to dunce.
  • A term coined by detractors of John Duns Scotus and his followers (also known as Scotists) - meaning incapable of scholarship.
  • The term came to refer to anyone devoted to sophistry in their scholarship or argumentation.
  • During the English Renaissance (16th century), the term duns or dunce became for humanists & reformers, a term of abuse.
  • Dunces are often shown comedically wearing paper cone hats (dunce caps).

Image by Leo Reynolds (cc)

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