Barmaid (Occupation)

Barmaid Definition:
  • A female bartender that serves beverages behind a drinks bar in - bar /pub / tavern / inn / similar establishment.
  • A mixologist is a term used for a bartender who specializes in making cocktails.
Tips on being a successful barmaid:

Smile and be polite:
  • A nice smile always puts people at ease.
  • Don't be grumpy or have attitude with customers.
Keep good eye contact:
  • Maintain eye contact when talking with customer.
  • Don't appear bored.
In conversation be witty and fun:
  • Makes a customer more likely to come back.
  • These same customers may then defend you against rude customers.
Keep your cool:
  • Especially if there are rude comments.
  • Refer to the manager if any concerns about a customer.
Work as quickly as possible:
  • Most customers at bars hate to wait.
Practice multi-tasking and speedy service:
  • Reduces mistakes when very busy at the bar.
  • Helps your work colleagues.
Try to memorise faces:
  • Helps get right order to right customer.
  • Good customer service skill.
  • Regular customers value being remembered.
Don't be greedy with gifts:
  • If free drink offered, don't select a very expensive one.
  • It is important to appear disciplined.
Keep personal life away from work:
  • If you have problems at home, don't bring to work.
  • Personal issues at work may affect your workability.

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