Sir Ralph de Standish (Knighted by Richard II) 1344-1415

Ralph de Standish Demographics:
  • Name - Ralph de Standish.
  • Birth - 1344 (Standish, Lancashire)
  • Death - 1415 (in Standish, Lancashire)
  • Wife - Cecilia Bradshaigh (married 6 May, 1359)
  • Oldest son - Lawrence de Standish Esq.
  • Parents - Henry De Standish Esq. & Joan Worsley.
  • Grandfather - John de Standish Esq. (d. 1351)
  • Occupation - Sheriff of Lancashire; knighted by king Richard II in 1381.
Ralph de Standish Important Facts:
  • Best known for dealing the lethal blow to Wat Tyler, after an altercation between Tyler and Richard II, during the Peasants' Revolt.
  • Standish was one of three attendants who were knighted by king Richard II following the Peasants' Revolt.
  • He later became Sheriff of Lancashire.
Killing of Wat Tyler & Ralph de Standish:
  • Wat Tyler was the leader of the Peasant's Revolt in June 1381.
  • Tyler met with the 14 year old king Richard II, and behaved beligerantly to ward him.
  • Ralph de Standish defended the young king Richard II against the attack upon him of Wat Tyler.
  • The mayor of London had attempted to arrest wat Tyler.
  • In the struggle, de Standish drew his sword and mortally wounded Tyler (see painting).
  • For protecting the King, de Standish was knighted for his services.
Knighthood of Ralph de Standish:
  • Given for services, including the protection of the King against Wat Tyler (leader of the Peasant's Revolt in June 1381).
  • In August 1381 Ralph de Standish (formerly addressed as our dear esquire) was now referred to as the King's knight.
  • On August 14th, the King granted Ralph de Standish, for the better maintenance of his knightly rank, the wardship of Scarborough Castle, with 40 marks yearly and 20 marks from the manor of Drakelow in Cheshire.
  • This grant to de Standish was confirmed in October 1381.
  • A document relating to one of Sir Ralph's annuities has been found among the deeds of the Standish family of Standish.[1]
Ralph de Standish Genealogy (Children):
  • Lawrence de STANDISH Esq. - born 1363 and died 1434.
  • Robert de STANDISH - born 1365 in Standish, Lancashire, England.
  • Gilbert de STANDISH - born 1367 in Standish, Lancashire, England.
  • James de STANDISH - born 1370 in Standish, Lancashire, England.
  • John de STANDISH - born 1372 in Standish, Lancashire, England. He died after 23 Oct 1415.
  • Reverend Alexander de STANDISH - born 1375 in Standish, Lancashire, England. He died 1415 in Standish, Lancashire, England.
  • Elizabeth de STANDISH - born 1378.
  • Clemence de STANDISH - born 1382.
  • Eleanor de STANDISH - born 1385.
Ralph de Standish Genealogy:[2]
  • U.S. President's 11-Great Grandfather.
  • Poss. HRH Charles's 19-Great Grandfather.
  • PM Churchill's 16-Great Grandfather.
  • Lady Diana's 18-Great Grandfather.
  • HRH Albert II's 18-Great Grandfather.

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[2] - Pedigree of Ralp de Standish (

Image Credit - Public Domain - Jean Froissart's Chronicles (Bib. Nat. Fr. 2644, fol. 159v), 15th century manuscript.

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