Ralph de Swantone (Priory Infirmarer Norwich Cathedral) d. 1349

Ralph de Swantone Demographics:
  • Name - Ralph de Swantone
  • Other Names - Ralph Swanton, Ralph Swantone
  • Died - 1349 (the plague, Black Death)
  • Occupation - Priory Infirmarer at Norwich Cathedral (norman tower pictured).
Important Facts:
  • Priory infirmarer at Norwich Cathedral during the time of the Black Death.
  • He worked in the infirmary to one side of the Cathedral nave.
  • Replaced by John de Heders on 10th July 1349.
  • Swantone must have died before this date.
  • He was buried in the monks' cemetery at Norwich Cathedral in 1349.
Ralph de Swantone's Infirmary Work:
  • Ralph de Swantone cared for infirm monks & also the sick of the wider monastic community.
  • He is likely to have caught the plague as a result of his duties at the infirmary.
  • He grew herbs and medicinal plants in the infirmary garden (it was a physic garden).
  • Swantone was also expert at mixing these garden ingredients to create remedies for his patients.
  • Although Ralph de Swantone did practice medicine based on the teachings of Galen, Hippocrates, and to a lesser degree Aristotle; his level of skill was probably no more than that of a common apothecary.

Image Credit - Norman Tower of Norwich Cathedral, GNU license.

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