Pope Clement VI (Resided Avignon) 1291-1352

Pope Clement VI Demographics:
  • Name - Pierre Roger.
  • Born - 1291 (castle of Maumont).
  • Elected Pope - May 7, 1342.
  • Consecrated - May 19, 1342.
  • Died - Dec. 6, 1352, natural causes (buried at La Chaise-Dieu monastery).
  • Father - wealthy lord of Rosiers-d'Égletons.
Pope Clement VI Basic Facts:
  • He was strongly pro-French.
  • He purchased (for 80,000 crowns, which he never paid) the sovereignty of Avignon from Queen Joanna I of Naples, whom he had absolved from of her husband's murder.
  • His physician, Guy de Chauliac, helped protect him during the Black Death of 1348-1350.
  • Clement VI was devoted to lavish living, and his inherited treasury made that lifestyle possible.
  • As a catholic pope he is claimed to have said "... lived as a sinner among sinners."
  • His grave was desecrated and his remains burned by Huguenots in 1562.
Pope Clement VI Early Life:
  • He entered the Benedictine monastery of La Chaise-Dieu, France at age 10 years.
  • Studied at the College de Sorbonne in Paris.
Pope Clement VI Religious Life:
  • Abbot of Benedictine monasteries at Fécamp & La Chaise-Dieu.
  • Subsequently archbishop of Sens & Rouen, & then a cardinal.
  • Was the 4th pope to reside in Avignon.
  • He turned down an opportunity to return the papacy to Rome.
  • Clement sponsored crusading, with a naval expedition that took control of Smyrna.
  • Smyrna was given to the Knights of St. John, and this contributed to ending pirate raids in the Mediterranean.
  • He also had a role in the Hungarian invasion of the Kingdom of Naples.
  • He was a patron of artists & scholars; with the enlargement of the papal palace, producing a center of culture.
  • He offered protection to the Jews who were under suspicion and persecution for starting the Black Death.
  • He had disputes with Edward III of England, because of the latter's encroachments on ecclesiastical jurisdiction, & also with the kings of Castile & Aragon.

Image Credit - Cameo of Pope Clement VI by PHGCOM, GNU Free Documentation License

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