Pest House Ruins St. Helens Plague Quarantine Station (Isles of Scilly) From 1764

Pest House History:
  • The Pest House is on the uninhabited island of St. Helens (Isles of Scilly).
  • It is the ruins of a 3 roomed granite & brick building which was built in the 18th Century (1764) for the isolation of people from passing ships who were suspected of carrying the plague.
  • St Helens Pest House replaced Old Grimsby (on Tresco Island) in 1764 as the plague quarantine station.
  • In the 1760s an Act of Parliament decreed that any ship approaching the British isles via Scilly would have to abandon any of its passengers or crew who showed signs of any contagion.
  • These people had to stay in this stone quarantine station until they either died or recovered.
  • Few people recovered because the sufferers of even harmless disorders (such as rosacea, acne) had to share bedstraw with seriously contagious patients (i.e. bubonic plague or cholera).
  • The associated graveyard includes passengers from africa and asia who died at the station.
  • There is also a grave of a 27 year old naval surgeon who was sent to treat the sick and died within a week himself.
St Helens Geography:
  • Tiny uninhabited island in the Isles of Scilly.
  • The Isles of Scilly, is an archipelago of mostly unpopulated islands 30 miles off the coast of Cornwall.
Image by howzey (cc)

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