Peire Lunel de Montech (Troubadour, Lawyer, Politician, Author) d. 1384

Peire Lunel Demographics:
  • Names - Peire (de) Lunel; Cavalier Lunel de Montech; Monteg
  • Birth - Uncertain
  • Died – 1384
  • Home - Toulouse
  • Occupation - Lawyer, Politician, Author, Troubadour (youth).
Peire Lunel Education:
  • Doctor en leys (doctor of laws) in register of the members of the Toulouse Consistory (1355).
  • The Toulouse Consistory register's ealiest available record is from 1355.
Peire Lunel General Facts:
  • In his youth he was a troubadour.
  • Knight (cavalier) from Montech.
  • Lunel was a municipal official in Montauban, 1384.
Peire Lunel's Troubadour Works:
  • A canso.
  • A crusading song - c. 1326
  • A sirventes - "Meravilhar no·s devo pas las gens" in 1348 at height of Black Death.
  • An ensenhamen - 1326
  • Some moralising coblas esparsas - standalone stanzas in Occitran lyric poetry.
Peire Lunel's Crusading Song:
  • This song is dated c. 1326.
  • It was a critique of king Charles IV who promised a Crusade, but did nothing.
Peire Lunel's Occitan Ensenhamen:
  • An ensenhamen is an Occitan didactic (often lyric) poem associated with troubabours.
  • He composed the very last Occitan (Romance language spoken in Occitania) ensenhamen (in arlabecca form) in 1326.
  • This Ensenhamen del garso ("instruction of the boy"), was based on the model of the ensenhamen del escudier of Amanieu de Sescars.
  • The garso (boy) was a young aspiring poet looking for advice on how to compose.
  • The advice given by Lunel has helped with understanding the trouabdours' own conception of the ensenhamen genre.
"I have heard it said that you [unknown] have [the book, i.e. the ensenhamens] of Sir Amanieu, who is called the god of love, where he teaches about the young woman and the squire." [written by Peire Lunel de Montech in a letter dated 1320]

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