Ockham Village (Surrey, England)

Ockham Geography Facts:
  • Ockham is a tiny English village in Surrey, England.
  • It is situated near East Horsley, with other nearby villages including Effingham, Ripley & Wisley.
  • Ockham Common is the site of the disused Wisley Airfield.
  • Ockham also has a small church called "All Saints" (pictured).
  • Current population half size of that in 1887.
Ockham Historical Facts:
  • Ockham appears in Domesday Book (1086) as Bocheham.
  • There has also been a parish church in Ockham since Domesday times.
  • The church building today probably dates back to 13th century.
  • Ockham was also the birthplace of William of Ockham.
  • In 1887 the population of Ockham was recorded as being 549 people.
Famous Residents:
  • Ada Lovelace - Only legitimate child of poet Lord Byron, and computer wizard, lived at Ockham Park.
  • William of Ockham - Famous philosopher and originator of Occam's Razor.
Popular Culture & History:
  • In some respects the modern computer is said to have 'begun' in Ockham, as Ada Lovelace was writing programs for Charles Babbage in 1843.
  • The Ockham name is also used for the programing language known as 'Occam,' from William of Ockham's Occam's razor.

Image Credit - © Colin Smith (cc)

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