Occitania (Region of Language of Occitan, Languedoc)

Occitania Geography:
  • Occitania is the name given to the area where Occitan, the langue d'oc, was traditionally the first language.
  • The area is equivalent to approximately half of modern day France (see map).
  • It included the midi - Southern France excluding the Basque Country & the Roussillon (Catalan speaking); also contained parts of now Spain (Aran Valley) & Italy (Occitan Valleys).
  • Area covers present day regions of:
    • Limousin,
    • Languedoc-Roussillon
    • Monaco
    • Old Aquitaine
    • Southern part of the French Alps.
  • Cities included in region are:
    • Béziers
    • Bordeaux
    • Clermont-Ferrand
    • Limoges
    • Montpellier
    • Carcassonne
    • Marseilles
    • Narbonne
    • Nice
    • Nîmes
    • Pau
    • Toulouse
  • Occitania has been recognized as a cultural concept since the Middle Ages.
Occitania General Facts:
  • The words Occitan and Occitania were used by the official administration in the 14th-century, i.e. 'Occitania', 'lingua occitana', 'respublica occitana', 'patria linguae occitanae'.
  • Occitania has never known full political unification - though it was mostly being ruled by the Counts of Toulouse (or their vassals) in the early Middle Ages.
  • There are many cultural similarities in the region, such as architecture, attitudes, food, & way of life.
  • Long history of liberty & providing refuge to those suffering persecution.
Groups Given Refuge In Occitania:
  • Camisards - Protestants heavily persecuted by French Catholics who sought & received protection in the Lozère in the 16th, 17th & 18th-centuries.
  • Faidits - disposed Cathars - help from persecution by crusaders & the Inquisition.
  • Maquis - resistance fighters who had opposed German occupation of the Midi.
  • Sephardic Jews were not persecuted under The Counts of Toulouse as they were elsewhere in western Christendom.
  • Spanish Political Refugees - Following the Spanish Civil War (ending 1939), many Spaniards were welcomed throughout Occitania.
  • Waldenians - also persecuted by crusaders & the Inquisition.

Image Credit - by Cedric31 on Wikipedia, GNU licence

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Godilhaire said...

may be place the name in occitan language also, Tolosa/Toulouse, Bordèu/Bordeaux, Nice/Niça, Narbona/Narbonne, Montpelhièr/Montpellier, Nimes, Lemòtges/Limoges, Clarmont d'Auvernha/Clermont-Ferrand, Baiona/Bayonne, Perigüers/Périgueux, Montalban/Montauban, Rodés/Rodez, Draguinhan/Draguignan, Vielha, Aush/Auch, Carcassona/Carcassonne, Besièrs/Béziers, etc.

Alchemipedia said...

Thanks very much for the information Godilhaire. Much appreciated.

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