Joanna Francisca Hurtado (from Montilla in Córdoba, Spain)

Joanna Francisca Hurtado Background Facts:
  • Joanna Francisca Hurtado was a young virgin from Montilla in Córdoba, Spain.
  • She developed 2 painful bubonic plague buboes in her groin.
  • 'Out of prudery' both she and her mother tried to conceal the buboes from their servants and also the neighbours.
  • Unfortunately, because of the contagious nature of the plague, within a few days, 2 of the family's servants died.
  • The other servants in the household, clearly frighted and upset, threatened to retaliate by burning all of the household possessions.
Francis Solanus performs a miracle:
  • Joanna Francisca Hurtado, ravaged with plague, continued to deteriorate and was on her deathbed 'with burning fever and delirium'.
  • Her relatives summoned Francis Solanus to the home to try and save the girl, and also calm the potentially serious servant revolt.
  • Saint Francis Solanus (he was canonized in 1726) "answered her relatives' devotion and restored the girl to health." [1]

[1] - S.K. Cohn Jr (2002). The Black Death Transformed. Arnold, London.

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