Geoffrey Cockerel, Gallows Survivor Miracle (Oakham, 1349)

Geoffrey Cockerel Facts:
  • Geoffrey Cockerel was convicted of both false accusation & larceny.
  • He was sentenced to death by hanging in Oakham, March 1349.
  • Following the hanging he was cut down from the gallows and his body taken to the Oakham churchyard for burial.
  • Not long after arrival at the churchyard cemetery he was reported to have suddenly started gasping for breath, jumping to his feet & running into the church for sanctuary.
  • King Edward III, probably believing that there had been divine intervention allowing Cockerel to survive the hanging, let him go free.
  • The Royal Pardon (letter of remission) was sent from Westminster on April 2, 1349.

Image Credit - Pearson Scott Foresman, donated to the Public Domain.

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