Aludel (Alchemy Apparatus)

Aludel Important Facts:
  • Aludel is a subliming pot used in alchemy & medieval chemistry.
  • Typically pear-shaped pots, generally made of earthenware or glass, which are open at both ends.
  • Each aludel has a short neck at both the top & bottom.
  • This enables a series of aludels to be conjoined in succession by means of the neck.
  • The lowest aludel is adapted to a pot which can contain the substance that is to be sublimed.
  • This lowest aludel can then be placed in a furnace to heat the contents to enable sublimation.
  • At the top is a head which retains the ascending material which has undergone condensation.
  • An aludel can also refer to a glass vessel which is used primarily for sublimation.
Other Terms For An Aludel Include:
  • Hermetic Vase
  • Philosopher's Egg
  • Vase of the Philosophy

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