Stacey Solomon (Singer, The X Factor, UK, 2009)

Stacey Solomon Demographics:
Stacey Solomon Facts:
  • Single mum.
  • Young son Zak.
  • Well known as a chatterbox.
  • Given 'Guitar Hero' as recent 20th Birthday present.
  • Previously working behind a bar & in full-time college 'musical theatre studies'.
Stacey Solomon X Factor Facts:
  • Currently appearing on X Factor, UK (2009).
  • Mentor for Live Shows was Dannii Minogue.
  • Notable quote - "I've got nothing to say about romance. Olly (Murs) looks like my stepbrother and Lloyd (Daniels) is beautiful, but really, really young."
  • Stacey shed 2 stone in weight prior to the X Factor Auditions.
  • Simon Cowell quote (auditions) - ‘Stacey, I am rarely surprised but that took me by surprise. You are really good.’
  • Cheryl Cole quote (auditions) - ‘I had a preconceived idea of what you might sound like. I didn’t expect you to be that good.’
  • Stacey made it to the - Final of The X Factor UK, 2009.
  • In the final Stacey performed a duet with Michael Buble.
  • Following the voting - Stacey has come third in The X Factor UK 2009 - Video performance links below.
  • The X Factor UK 2009 was won by Joe McElderry.
  • On her job in a fish and chip shop: - 'At least I got to eat all the saveloys.'
  • Asked how one of her auditions went: - 'People keep asking me that, but I don't think most of the time to be honest.'
  • When asked what she'd do if she didn't get through to the live finals: - 'There's always Asda!'
  • On being on TV: - 'I think TV is real - I forget other people are watching it at the same time as me.'
  • On her new makeover: - 'I was just happy cos I got a free haircut.'

Video Performances:

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