Sirventes or Serventes (Lyric Poetry Genre)

Important Facts:
  • Sirventes or serventes (Mistralian norm sirventès).
  • It is a genre of Occitan lyric poetry.
  • This type of poetry was used by the Provençal troubadours in particular.
  • It usually was written from the perspective of a paid servant (sirven) or soldier.
  • The verses were moral or religious in content, and always partisan, whether complimentary or vitriolic in their satire of social vices.
Troubadour Exponents:
  • Bertran de Born (ca. 1180–1200) was a famous exponent of this poetic style.
  • Peire Cardenal was another writer of sirventes in the 13th century.
  • The word sirventes was first applied to a text, ca. 1150, by the minor Gascon troubadour Marcoat.
  • Peire Lunel de Montech in 1348 composed the sorrowful sirventes "Meravilhar no·s devo pas las gens" during the Black Death in Toulouse, France.

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