Saveloy (Sausage Variety)

Saveloy Important Facts:
  • Saveloy is a type of well seasoned or salted, smoked pork sausage.
  • Typically bright red, as coloured with saltpetre.
  • Similar in taste to that of a frankfurter.
  • Appears to have been first used in popular English literature before 1838.
  • Word comes from the modification of French cervelas, a pork sausage, via Italian cervellato (from cervello brain, from Latin cerebellum).
  • Historically, at one time made from pigs' brains (ie Italian connection).
  • In Australia, saveloys where usually known as frankfurters until the outbreak of World War I (1914) when many German named items or places were changed to English sounding names.
Popular Culture:
  • Sold in English fish and chip shops (see image), where it is sometimes fried in batter.
  • Also available in Australia, where it is usually battered & locally known as a "battered sav".
  • Normally eaten with chips, or in a sandwich.
  • Words rhyming with "saveloy" include - Accloy, Cloy, Disemploy, Loy, Misemploy, Overcloy, Preemploy, Surcloy.
Image Credit - by celie (cc)

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