Saint Francis Solanus (Franciscan Monk) 1549-1610

Francis Solanus Demographics:
  • Name - Francis Solanus (Spanish: Francisco Sánchez-Solano Jiménez) pictured opposite.
  • Born - 10 March 1549 (Montilla, near Córdoba, Spain).
  • Died - 14 July 1610 (Lima, Peru)
  • Occupation - Spanish missionary in South America (Order of Friars Minor, the Franciscans).
  • Parents - Matthew Sanchez Solanus & Anna Ximenes.
Francis Solanus Important Facts:
  • At the age of 20 years, he joined the Franciscan Order at Montilla.
  • Solanus was recorded as performing the 16th century miracle of curing a young virgin Joanna Francisca Hurtado of bubonic plague.
  • He was later sent to the convent of Arifazza (as master of novices).
  • Solanis sailed from Spain to the Americas in 1589.
  • He went to Peru on the Pacific side of the Panamanian isthmus.
  • Solanus was said, in 1610, to have predicted the 1618 earthquake of Trujillo, Peru.
  • Solanus also apparently foretold his own death, which occurred in 1610 at Lima, Peru.
  • He was beatified by Pope Clement X in 1675, & later canonized by Pope Benedict XIII in 1726.
  • Was a talented violinist-musician as well.
Francis Solanus Evangelical Career:
  • Francis Solanus worked at evangelizing the vast regions of Tucuman (present day northwestern Argentina) & Paraguay.
  • Solanus had a skill for languages & succeeded at learning many of the regions' native tongues in a fairly short period of time.
  • He also played the violin frequently for the natives, this helping as an ice-breaker.
  • Later elected to guardian of the Franciscan convent in Lima, Peru.

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