The Plague (Black Death) Documentary (History Channel)

Documentary about The Plague (Black Death) from the History Channel.



















Video Concept List:
1310, 1340s, 1346, 1347, 1348, 1349, 1350, 1350s, 1357, 14th Century, 1900, 2005, 33 Days, Abstinence, After Flagellant Parties, Agimet, Agnolo Di Tura, Ale, Alignment of Planets, Anthrax, Antibiotics, Arable Land, Atone, Authority, Avignon, Balance of Elements, Bandits, Barcelona, Beijing, Biological Warfare, Bishop of Bath & Wells, Black Death, Black Sea, Bleeding with Leeches, Bones, Bordeaux, Bread, Bread Pudding, Brotherhood of the Flagellants, Bubo, Buboes, Bubonic Plague, Burial Rights, Butter, Caffa, Calais, California, Caspian Sea, Castile, Catapult, Catastrophe, Catholic Church, Cats, Cheap Land, Chills, China, Chipmunks, Chirurgia Magna (Great Surgery), Church, Civilisation, Cleric, Cloth Industry, Coastal Waterways, Concubine, Confession, Constantinople, Cooked Onions, Cornwall, Cough, Country Estate, Crecy, Cressy, Curses, Cycle, Danse Macabre, David Nirenberg, Death, Dirt Floors, Dispose of the Dead, DNA, Dock Area, Drinking, Ebola Virus, Edward III (of England), Emergency Measures, Emotion, England, Esther (Jewess), Europe, European History, Extremists, Evil, Faith, Fallow Land, False Confession, Family, Family Ties, Famine, Farms, Fear, Fevers, Figs, Fires, Flagellants, Flea, Flea Bite, Florence, France, Freiburg, French Chronicler, Funerals, Furs, Gabrielle de' Mussis, Gambling, Garbage, Geneva, Genoese Ships, Gentry, German Jewish Community, Germany, Giovanni Boccaccio, God, God's Vengence, Graham Mooney, Grain, Graveyard, Ground Squirrels, Gutenberg's Printing Press, Guy de Chauliac, Haemorrhaging, Hail, Harbour, Holy Mother of God, Heresy, Human Nature, Hundred Years War, Hysteria, Iberian Peninsula, Ibn Khaldun, Ignorance, India, Individual Constitution, Industrialisation, Institutions, Internal, Haemorrhaging, Internist, Islamic World, Italian Mainland, Italian Merchants, Italy, Jean de Venette, Jewish Cemetery, Jewish Community, Jews, Jews of Poland, Joan (Daughter of Edward III), Joann Moran-Cruz, John Aberth, John Kelly, Journal, Jupiter, Kelly DeVries, Ken Gage, King Casimir The Great, King of England, King of France, King of Poland, Knights, Krakow, Labour Crisis, Labour Saving Devices, Land, Land Owners, Last Rights, Lechering, Leeches, Legend, Logic, Loire Valley, London, Loot, Looting, Lower Mongolia, Lungs, Lymph Nodes, Man, Mars, Marseille, Master of Errors, Matteo Villani, Meat, Medical Mysteries, Medicine, Medieval, Medieval Europe, Medieval People, Medieval Science, Medieval Society, Mercenary, Merchant Ships, Messianic, Messina, Miasma, Miasmatic, Michele da Piazza, Middle Ages, Military Men, Mills, Miracles, Monastery, Monastery in Montpellier, Mongol, Mongols, Mongol Empire, Mongolian Steppes, Montpellier, Montpellier Mass Grave, Moral Authority, Mortality, Multi-organ Failure, Nobles, Normandy, North Africa, North America, Noxious Vapours, October 1349, Orchards, Ordinance, Pandemic, , apacy, Papal Court, Paris, Peasants, Pedro (Prince of Spanish Castile), Penance, Persecution, Personal Physician, Pestilence, Petrarch, Philippe VI (King of France), Pistoia, Pits, Plague, Pneumonic Plague, Plague Pneumonia, Poisoned Rivers, Poisoned Wells, Poisoning, Poland, Poor, Pope, Pope Clement VI, Poverty, Practical Medicine, Priarie Dogs, Priests, Princess Joan, Printing Press, Private Chaplains, Processions, Prosperity, Prostitutes, Psychological Transformation, Punishment, Purple Bubo, Questioning, Rain of Frogs, Rat Populations, Rats, Relatives, Religion, Religious Fervor, Religious Hysteria, Renaissance, Rhine River, Rich, Richard Johnson, River Rhone, Rock Stars, Rome, Royal Marriage, Russia, Sailors, Saint Valentine's Day, Saturn, Saudia Arabia, Scalping, Scandinavia, Scandinavian Peninsula, Science, Seaport, Septic Shock, Serfs, Servant, Shell Shock, Sicily, Siege, Siena, Silk, Sin, Skeletons Dancing, Skepticism, Social Stigma, Society, Soldiers, South Africa, South America, Spain, Spices, Steppes, Strasbourg, Superstition, Surge Capacity, Surgeon, Survivors, Switzerland, Teeth, Textiles, The Church, The Great Pestilence, The Plague, Theology, Theoretical Medicine, Tibet, Tooth Pulp, Trade, Trade Routes, Trade Ships, Troubadour, Tuscany, Unemployed, United States, Upper Classes, Urban Area, Urban Centres, Valuable Goods, Vegetables, Venice, Volga River, Wages, War, Whips, Wickedness, Witch Hunt, Woman, Workforce. World War, Yeast, Yersinia pestis

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