Paris Syndrome (French: Syndrome de Paris)

General Features of Paris Syndrome:
  • Paris syndrome (French: Syndrome de Paris)
  • Transient psychological disorder encountered by some people visiting or vacationing in Paris, France.
  • Japanese visitors are especially susceptible.
  • First described in Nervure (French Journal of Psychiatry) by A. Viala, et al. (2004)[1].
Clinical Features of Paris Syndrome:
  • A number of psychiatric symptoms may occur such as anxiety, psychosomatic manifestations (i.e. palpitations, dizziness, sweating), acute delusional states, hallucinations, feelings of persecution, derealization, depersonalization.
  • The clinical picture is thus quite variable.
  • The characteristic feature is that during the trip to Paris, the traveller has to deal with things unfamiliar to them, which they did not anticipate.
  • The symptoms are not present before the trip and they resolve with return to the traveller's normal surroundings.
  • Cultural differences - esp compared with Japanese culture.
  • Exhaustion - ie busy visit with associated jet lag.
  • Idealised image of Paris - not like Paris appears in literature and films.
  • Language barriers - again particularly noticeable with the Japanese.
Similar Conditions:
  • Jerusalem syndrome
  • Stendhal syndrome
  • Voyager syndrome (Syndrome du voyageur)
Differential Diagnosis:
  • Pathological voyage - the psychiatric disorder(s) already pre-exist.


[1] - A. Viala, H. Ota, M.N. Vacheron, P. Martin, and F. Caroli.(2004) - "Les Japonais en voyage pathologique à Paris : un modèle original de prise en charge transcuturelle"

Image Credit - Olivier Ffrench (cc) Eiffel Tower + Sunset + Paris

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