Oxford Calculators (Merton College, Oxford) 1328-1349

The Oxford Calculators were four mathematicians from Merton College (University of Oxford), who were active together between 1328-1349.

Oxford Calculator Names Were:
Oxford Calculator General Facts:
  • The group employed a clear logico-mathematical approach to philosophical problems.
  • They were clearly able to differentiate kinematics from dynamics.
  • They logically investigated instantaneous velocity, with their studies emphasizing kinematics.
  • Following on from their investigations - they were the first to describe 'the mean speed theorem' - stating that a body traveling at constant velocity will cover the same distance in the same time as an accelerated body if its velocity is half the final speed of the accelerated body.
  • This theorem was arrived at way before the time of Galileo Galilei (1564-1642).
  • Soon after being appointed Archbishop of Canterbury in 1349, Thomas Bradwarding died as a result of the Black Death (bubonic plague), essentially ending the group's activities.

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