Francesco Redi (Italian Physician, Poet) 1626-1697

Francesco Redi Demographics:
  • Name - Francesco Redi (see image)
  • Born - February 18, 1626 (Arezzo)
  • Died - March 1, 1697 (Pisa)
  • Occupation - Physician
  • Nationality - Italian
Important Facts:
  • Initially took a degree in medicine.
  • He then served as a tutor of the Colonna family in Rome for ~ 5 years.
  • Following this he moved to Florence, in 1654, to act as personal physician to the Grand dukes Ferdinand II & Cosimo III.
  • He was one of the first members of the Arcadia.
  • In 1666 he taught in the Studio at Florence, as lettore publico di lingua toscana.
  • His experiments, published in 1668 as Esperienze Intorno alla Generazione degl'Insetti (Experiments on the Generation of Insects) were some of the first evidence refuting "spontaneous generation" (Aristotelian abiogenesis).
  • Prior to these experiments it was thought that maggots formed naturally from rotting meat.
  • Redi, in 1676, wrote about important documents in his possession which pertained to the origins of eye glass invention and use.
  • A Mars crater is named after him.
Experiments on the Generation of Insects:
  • 6 jars were divided in 2 groups of 3.
  • The 1st jar of each group contained an unknown object.
  • The 2nd jar of each group contained a dead fish.
  • The 3rd jar of each group contained a raw chunk of veal.
  • The 1st group of three jars had the tops covered with fine gauze, allowing only air in.
  • The other 3 of jars were left open.
  • Maggots appeared in the open jars, which flies had been able to land on.
  • The gauze-covered jars had no maggots.
  • When dead flies were put in sealed jars with dead animals or veal, no maggots appeared.
  • When living flies were put in similar sealed jars, maggots appeared.
Other Skills:
  • Poet - renowned for writing Bacchus in Tuscany.
  • "Consulti medici"
  • "Esperienze intorno alla generazione degl' insetti"
  • "Osservazioni intorno alle vipere"
  • "Arianna Inferma"
  • "Bacco in Toscana"
  • "Lettere"

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