Eye Glasses (Invention History)

Eye Glasses Important Firsts:
  • Salvino D'Armate, from Italy, is credited with inventing the first wearable eye glasses around 1284.
  • The first pictorial evidence for eyeglasses comes from the portrait of cardinal Hugh de Provence reading in a scriptorium, painted by Tomaso da Modena in 1352 (see portrait detail, right).
Eye Glasses Historical Notes:
  • Francesco Redi, in 1676 wrote that he possessed a 1289 manuscript whose author complains that he would have been unable to read or write if it were not for the recent invention of glasses.
  • Francesco Redi also wrote that he had the record of a sermon given in 1305, in which a Dominican monk, Fra Giordano da Rivalto, claimed that glasses had been invented less than 20 years previously.
  • Although the inventor may always be disputed, it is certain that eye glasses were invented in Italy between 1280 & 1300.
Early Spectacles:
  • These were initially convex lenses that corrected both hyperopia (farsightedness), & the presbyopia (aging related).
  • The concave lens was discovered later by Nicholas of Cusa and found to be useful in the treatment of myopia (nearsightedness).
Eye Glasses Other Facts:
  • The provision of spectacles will certainly have helped in maintaining scholarship amongst the aging academics, theologians, philosophers of the late middle-ages.
  • Johannes Kepler, in his treatise on optics and astronomy (published in 1604), described the first correct explanation as to why convex and concave lenses could correct hyperopia-presbyopia & myopia respectively.

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