Extreme Sheep LED Art by the Baaa-Studs (Video, 2009)

The Baaa-Studs (2009) present EXTREME SHEPHERDING, starring Emris ("The Electrician"), Gerry ("The Player"), Rob ("The LED Master"), Bernard ("The General"), some faithful sheepdogs and bunch of clueless of sheep.

The team took to the hills of Wales to make this fantastic video, armed with big ideas, some technology, great sheepdogs, and of course the sheep.

The team recreate a walking sheep, a game of Pong, numerous fireworks, and the Mona Lisa by 'Leonardo Baa-Vinci'.

Starring in alphabetical order are:
  • Bernard Llewellyn
  • Emris Williams
  • Georgia Davis
  • Gerry Lewis
  • Rhys Francis
  • Robert Jones
  • Wyn Griffiths
Thanks also to SAMSUNG & their Smart LED Technology.

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