Chicken Little (1943) Walt Disney Cartoon

A very prophetic cartoon by Walt Disney from 1943.

Video Concept List (via ALCHEssMIST):

1943, Ain't got all his marbles, Astrologist, Beauty parlor, Be calm, Born leaders, Born to be a leader, Brain is pickled, Bridge, Bridge table, Buena Vista, Cartoon, Cave, Chicken, Chicken chaser, Chicken Little, Cigar, Cock of the Wok, Cocky Locky, Community, Culinary interest, Delicious, Dictate, Dinner is served, Don't belive everything you read, Don't get panicky, Duck, Ducky Lucky, Egg Production, Everybodies business, Farmer, Feather brained, Fence, Financial markets, Fine feathered friends, Flash, Flattery, Fox, Foxy Loxy, Full of corn, Gay, Gay ducks, Good egg, Good guy to know, Goosey Poosey, Hen, Henna, Henny penny, Herd instinct, High fence, Hunk of wood, Influence the masses, Intelligence, Jitter Birds, Judge for ourselves, Knitting, Leader, Least intelligent, Lie, Listen in, Listen to me everybody, Locks, Look here look here, Lunch, Madame, My opinion, Only human, Pecking to pieces, Pip squeak, Playboy, Pluck a chicken, Poke beaks, Poultry fancier, Psychology, Psychology textbook, Quote, Rocking chair, Rocking chair brigade, Run for your life, Shotgun, Shy on brains, Sky is falling, Smart set, Sound just like people, Special bulletin, Storm, Stupid, Supervisor, Tell a big one, The cave, The sky is falling, Thirsty lot, To influence the masses aim first at the least intelligent, Totalitarian tendencies, Turkey Lurkey, Undermine the faith of the masses in their leaders, Voice of doom, Wallowing in corn, Walt Disney, What is wrong with the world, Whispering campaign, Wise guy, You've got to help us, Yoyo, Yoyo champ

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