Agimet of Geneva (Jewish Merchant, 14th Century AD)

Agimet of Geneva Basic Facts:
  • Jewish merchant who had been buying silks in Venice in 1348.
  • Was arrested in Chatel, on the shores of Lake Geneva, and tried on October 20, 1348.
  • Confessed that he had deliberately poisoned the wells of Venice with a 'special powder' which had produced the plague (Black Death).
  • The confession was extracted after considerable torture, and was almost certainly a false confession to stop the agony he was experiencing.
  • To prevent further torment before his execution, Agimet was coerced to say that Rabbi Peyret of Chambery (near Geneva) was the chief conspirator of the poisoning plot.
  • The translation of the official confession (obtained under torture) by Agimet of Geneva is shown here.
  • In the aftermath of Agimet's "confession," ~900 Jews of Strasbourg were burned alive on February 14, 1349.

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