Woo Factor and Woo-Master

This interesting video from's Eric Schurenberg shows an interview with Wharton School Professor G. Richard Shell. Professor Shell, and co-author Mario Moussa, have recently written a book entitled "The Art of Woo" which looks at the skill of strategic persuasion and winning people over. In the interview Shell gives an assessment of the woo factor ability of various personalities. President Barack Obama comes out of the discussion with the plaudit of "woo-master".

"The Art of Woo" has it's own website (here). The first chapter of the book is also available for free download on the home page. Interestingly, it appears that relationship-based persuasion (woo factor) follows a distinctive, repeatable four-step process:

• Step 1—Survey Your Situation
• Step 2—Confront the Five Barriers
• Step 3—Make Your Pitch, and
• Step 4—Secure Your Commitments.

Interesting video and the book looks well worth reading.

Posted by ALCHEssMIST.
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