Vendergood (Language Invented By William James Sidis)

Vendergood Facts:
  • Vendergood is a constructed (invented) language of William James Sidis.
  • Sidis described the language in his Book of Vendergood, written at the age of eight years.
  • The language was apparently mostly based on Latin and Greek, though there are also components of German, French and other Romance languages.
  • Vendergood distinguished between eight different conjugations - indicative, potential, imperative absolute, subjunctive, imperative, infinitive, optative, and strongeable (Sidis's own idea).
  • Vendergood articles are grouped by gender inflection.
  • A base-12 system of numbers was used, as according to Sidis, "The unit in selling things is 12 of those things [dozens] and 12 is the smallest number that has four factors!"
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