The Real Mary Kings Close (Edinburgh)

Mary King Close Facts:
  • The name of Mary King's Close is believed to have originated from the property owner & advocate to Mary Queen of Scots, Alexander King.
  • Alexander King had a daughter called Mary.
  • This 17th century close (one of the many underground streets) was built over during the modernisation of the old Edinburgh town.
  • The close actually consists of a number of closes which were originally narrow streets with tenement houses on either side.
  • The lower floors acted as the foundation for The Royal Exchange (built in 1753), now The City Chambers.
  • The Close is located in the Edinburgh Royal Mile.
  • During World War II the underground vaults were used as an air-raid shelter.
  • The Mary King Close has a reputation of being haunted, with one ghost of a little girl 'Annie' becoming a local celebrity.
  • It is said that she had lost her favourite doll, so now there is now a room full of gifts left by visitors for her.
  • Mary King's Close is now a commercial tourist attraction re-opened to the public in April 2003 and set out as an historically accurate example of life in Edinburgh between the 16th & 19th centuries.
Plague History of Edinburgh & Mary Kings Close (1645-1646):
  • Plague broke out during 1645 probably coming via the port of Leith from Europe.
  • The plague epidemic initially took hold in Edinburgh including Mary Kings Close.
  • There is a myth that the local council decided to try and contain the plague by incarcerating the suffers in this small community by bricking up the close for several years.
  • The consequence was that those inside the close were left to die.
  • It is likely that this explains why the close was nicknamed 'street of sorrows'.
  • The plague in Edinburgh generally was treated with a well organised quarantine, as a result of much experience from previous outbreaks.
  • Suffers indicated their illness by showing a small white flag in the window of their home.
  • Essential supplies were then delivered to the suffers daily.
  • The plague doctor would also make regular visits to the suffers for drainage of bubos.
  • John Paulitious, Edinburgh’s first official plague doctor, actually died from the plague himself. and was he replaced by Dr George Rae on 13 June 1645.
  • For his work Dr George Rae (pictured) eventually received a yearly pension of £1,200 Scots.
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The Real Mary Kings Close (Edinburgh)

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