Plague Doctor (Medical History)

Plague Doctor:

These people had duties often just limited to visiting victims to ascertain whether they had been afflicted or not with the plague. Because of the serious risks associated with this role they were often very well compensated financially. Many-to-most (depending on region and year) plague doctors were laypersons because trained doctors had often fled from a plague area knowing they were incapable of healing the afflicted and that the risk to them was very high. There are some reports of plague doctors, who whilst tending to a sick patient, died from the plague illness before the patient did.

A description of the clothing worn by a plague doctor is found here.

Famous Plague Doctors:
  • Guy de Chauliac (French surgeon during time of Black Death in Avignon, France).
  • John Paulitious, Edinburgh’s first official plague doctor, died from the plague himself in 1645.
  • Dr George Rae (Edinburgh) replaced John Paulitious on 13 June 1645.
  • Michel de Nostredame (widely known as Nostradamus).
  • "Doktor Schnabel von Rom" ("Doctor Beak from Rome") (1656)
  • Dr John Arderne (14th Century, England)
  • Nathanial Hodges (London, 17th century)
  • Master Giovani de Ventura (city of Pavia in Italy, 1479)


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