Hideaki Tomoyori (Mnemonist, Pi Memorist)

Hideaki Tomoyori is a memorist & mnemonist. He is a previous world record holder for remembering pi to 40,000 decimal places in 1987.

Hideaki Tomoyori Demographics:
  • Born - September 30, 1932.
  • Birthplace - Yokohama, Japan
  • Nationality - Japanese
  • Marriage - Married to Mitsuko Tomoyori (see picture).

Hideaki Tomoyori Mnemonic Ability:
  • Learned pi by breaking it down in to small chunks of 10 numbers at a time.
  • Associated the sound of a number with a particular word.
  • The Words are then made into sentences, and particular images are made.
  • To bring back the memory he first thinks of a single key word, this then reminds him of an image and then a sentence, which reminds him of the exact sequence of numbers.
  • Advises good timing in reviewing what he has learned.
  • Reviews information at longer and longer intervals - ie. after a minute, then 10 minutes, then 1 hour ...
  • The best time to review is when you feel you have forgotten about 20% of the learned material.
  • First inspiration to improve his memory came from a street performer - "who displayed a special memory trick. He wrote on a blackboard a string of numbers spoken at random by some passers-by. Then, without looking at the blackboard, he was able to recite the numbers perfectly."
Hideaki Tomoyori Mnemonic Feats:
  • Memorizing pi up to one thousand places took me three years.
  • To remember pi to 40,000 decimal places it took him about ten years.
  • Hideaki recited pi from memory to 40,000 places - taking 17 hours 21 minutes, including breaks totaling 4 hours 15 minutes, on 9-10 of March in 1987 at Tsukuba University Club House.
  • Currently ranked 4th in the world for reciting greatest number of decimal places of pi.
Hideaki Tomoyori Other Feats:
  • Has been recorded as solving a Rubik's cube in 52.31 seconds.
  • Combined time for husband and wife solving of Rubik's cube is 11th fastest in the world (source).
Research Study on Hideaki Tomoyori (2006):
  • Tomoyori completed the numerical tests slightly better than the control group.
  • He failed to do better than the control group in the verbal tests.
  • Concluded that he possesses no superior memorization ability.
  • His staggering memorization of pi is the result of superior technique and extensive practice.
  • Interview with Hideaki Tomoyori (September 1988, NHK Radio Japan) (link)
  • Takahashi, Masanobu, Satoru Saito, Hiroyuki Shimizu, and Hideaki Tomoyori (2006). One percent ability and ninety-nine percent perspiration: A study of a Japanese memorist. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 32, 1195-1200.
  • How Hideaki Tomoyori Memorized Pi to Over 10,000 Digits (link)
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