Christian The Lion

This is a heart-warming story about a lion called Christian who was bought from Harrod's department store as a 35 pound cub in 1969 by friends Ace Berg and John Rendall. Christian had been born in a zoo and was raised by the 2 friends in their London flat. Unfortunately within 12 months Christian was too big to be appropriately kept in the home and so it was decided to release him back to the wild in Kenya.

Rendall and Berg, in 1974, decided to visit Christian again in Kenya for one last time. After many hours searching the Kenyan reservation Christian finally showed up. The emotional meeting was captured on film. Christian even introduced his mate to meet Berg & Rendall. A portion of the documentary about Christian the lion and his previous owners is shown in the youtube video segments below.

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cliffordprator said...

u make me cry,I feel love and god is always behind us whenever we need him....
love one another.clifford

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