The Blorenge (Mountain, Wales)

The Blorenge Facts:
  • The Blorenge is a mountain in Monmouthshire, south east Wales.
  • Height - 1,833 feet (559 m).
  • Located in the Brecon Beacons National Park.
  • Located also with the Blaenavon Industrial Landscape World Heritage Site.
  • Overlooks the valley of the River Usk.
  • Overlooks the market town of Abergavenny & the village of Llanfoist.
  • Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal lies at the foot of the mountain.
  • Designated a 'Site of Special Scientific Interest' because of its heather moorland (Red Grouse breeding ground).
  • Picture (right) shows The Blorenge from Abergavenny.
The Blorenge Geology:
  • Geologically has a layer-cake structure involving a number of different rock types.
  • Lower slopes - sandstones and mudstones (from Devonian period) known collectively as the Old Red Sandstone.
  • Higher levels - limestones, mudstones, and sandstones (from Carboniferous age)
  • Summit plateau - Coarse sandstones at the boundary of the Millstone Grit & the Coal Measures.
  • The beds all tilt south-westwards towards the South Wales Coalfield basin.
  • Shape of the hill was modified during the ice ages.
  • The Usk Valley glacier flowed past it to its north.
The Blorenge Popular Culture:
  • Popular hang gliding & paragliding take off site.
  • In the English language, the word Blorenge rhymes with orange.
Image Credit - © Copyright Ralph Rawlinson (cc)

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