Al Koran (Mentalist, Magician) 1914-1972

Al Koran Demographics:
Al Koran Facts:
  • Magic inventor of the effect known as 'Ring Flite' (1967).
  • Invented a special deck of cards - the Koran deck.
  • Invented The Jonah Card in 1948 and One Word in Thousands in 1954.
  • Based on Stewart James' Ball of Fortune, he invented Medallion by 1967.
  • He emigrated to America, dying of cancer there at the age of 58 years.
Al Koran Publications:
  • Mastered amazement: Mainly for the manipulator (1947)
  • Al Koran's Professional Presentations (1967)
  • The Magic of the Mind in Action (1976)
  • Bring Out the Magic in Your Mind (1988)
"I love every minute of every day. Loving should be a real part of your life. You can adapt yourself to this new way of facing things, if you determine to do so. Love can lift you to the highest dimension, and that is where you must get." [Bring Out the Magic in Your Mind (1988)]

Al Koran on The Ed Sullivan Show:

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