90 Minutes in Heaven - A True Story of Death & Life (Don Piper)

In 1989, after colliding with a semi-truck, Don Piper claims he died ("killed instantly") and "immediately transported to the gates of heaven". He then, after 90 minutes, apparently returned to life on earth. This book descibes Piper's feelings and perceptions at the time of his visit to heaven, and how it has profoundly affected his life.

Whether you believe in God, religion or the after-life, these accounts of near death experiences are important to recognise and study.

Promotional Video for the Book (See Below):

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Rene Jorgensen said...

It's a good book and Piper should be congratulated for sharing his Near Death Experience. Only readers should be aware of one serious mistake he makes in the book which is to jump from hearing songs praising Jesus and meeting fellow Christians in heaven to religious fundamentalism. Research of Near Death Experiences show that there is no evidence to support that heaven is exclusively for Christians, or a narrow interpretation of the Bible, as experiences of heaven happen in all cultures and religions. Cross cultural studies of Near Death Experiences show that the Golden Rule truly means that we must love our neighbor - even if this person is of another faith - and "hell" is not something we can simply throw around when we disagree with people. If you have not fallen asleep in Christ, or simply use reason as well, and want to know what people who have Near Death Experiences truly experience in Heaven, have a look at my book Behind 90 Minutes in Heaven.

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