Elo Rating System

Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in two-player zero sum games. The system is named after US physicist Arpad Elo (19031992) and was initially developed as a chess rating tool.

Current uses of the Elo rating system (with modifications) include:
  • American college basketball
  • American college football
  • Association Football
  • Battleforge (MMORTS)
  • Chess (FIDE rating)
  • Czech Go Federation
  • DailyGammon (online Backgammon)
  • European Go Federation
  • FIDE (chess)
  • FIFA Women's World Rankings
  • Go Associations (multiple)
  • GoldToken (online Backgammon)
  • Guild Wars (online role playing game)
  • Internet Chess Club
  • Lexulous - online word game
  • Major league baseball
  • Multiplayer computer games
  • North American National Scrabble Association
  • Play65 (online Backgammon)
  • Puzzle Pirates (game)
  • US Chess Federation rating
  • VogClub (online Backgammon)
  • Vendetta Online (online role playing game)
  • World Football Elo Ratings
  • Yahoo! Games
The Elo rating system is statistically based. The original major assumption was that the chess performance of each player in each game is a normally distributed random variable. Also, Elo felt that a player's true skill would be the mean of that player's performance random variable. The players' performance is inferred from the wins, draws and losses they have against other rated players. A number of simplifying assumptions were also made by Elo to enable ease of rating calculation as this sytem was developed before modern computing became available.

Professor Mark Glickman has proposed a more sophisticated statistical rating system called the Glicko Rating System which estimates a similar rating and also calculates a rating deviation (similar to standard deviation).

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